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Here are some of the pro's and con's to interlocking bricks VS concrete.

Cost is the number one for most people. In today markets, Stamped Coloured concretes can cost from 12-15 dollars per sq ft for final product. Interlocking bricks range from 16-20 dollars on average. 

Concrete can be done a couple of days , with good weather. Interlocking brick takes much longer. 

WATER, lets talk about how water affects these. 

Too much water, especially from down spouts will wash away any base . With interlocking bricks it will wash out the sands and polymers. With concrete it will wash away the sealer. When the water gets underneath it will lift anything when it freezes . The interlocking bricks will have to be "re-tamped" where as the concrete will start to crack. Concrete should have enough "Controlled" cracks where this is not noticable.

Concrete should be cleaned and re-sealed every 2 years. Interlocking bricks will have to be sprayed if weeds start to show up. The styles and designs are endless. When trying to deside what style, start by drawing it out on paper. Write down "why" you are wanting the padio or path way. Size is equal to function. Look at pictures, save any pictures that you like. Then look for any obstacles or issues that may affect the results that you are after. It's always best to write things down or put them on a drawing. A picture is worth, 1000 words or 1000's of dollars if an issue gets forgotten .